Exchange turbos

Is your turbo broken? Or would you like a replacement? You can always come to us for an exchange turbo. You give us your turbo and in exchange receive a refurbished copy from our large stock for a very affordable price. This exchange turbo is just as reliable as a new turbo. In addition, we check, test and adjust each exchange turbo in accordance with the factory specifications. We work with such brands as BorgWarner (KKK, Schwitzer), Garrett/Honeywell, Holset, IHI/Clover, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hitachi and CZ.

Did you know that:

A turbo never just fails? Failure is always the result of another problem, not the cause.

A broken turbo is often caused by:

- A polluted soot filter

- A clogged EGR system

- Low oil pressure

- Excessive crankcase pressure or a blocked crankcase ventilation system

- Suction of dirt, stones, debris or other objects into the casing

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